I’ll be the first to admit that there’s a lot of confusion in the years following high school.  Unless you go to college where you can lie to yourself for four more years, it’s the time in life where you wake up from your dream of being the greatest thing ever and realize that you’re the guy who cleans the toilets at the gas station on the corner.  So, no longer able to simply freak out your fellow classmates by just showing up to class, you start doing other things in order to get attention.  You start by bleaching your hair.  When that doesn’t get the reaction you want, you start in with the piercings.  You start small at first, maybe with an ear.   Then, still not getting the attention you so rightfully deserve, you decide to get a menacing tattoo.  After that, people are still just passing you by.  However, you will not be denied.  You then get piercing after piercing until eventually you look like the chap in today’s picture.  After all that, you finally get the attention you crave, only now it would be better if you didn’t, because you look like a douche.

Everything's going to be OK, man. You need a hug?