Okay detectives.  We have a dead body.  Figure out who it is and it may lead you to the movie, which may in turn lead you to the $25.00.  Or it could lead you to a knuckle sandwich courtesy of me!  Wait, forget the knuckle sandwich thing.  I won’t punch you if you play.  I need to reread that marketing book.  Anyway – happy sleuthing!

Guess My Netflix involves you correctly choosing the movie the screen shot above is taken from.  The first person to guess it gets two points.  Each right answer posted before I remember to check and shut down the round counts as one point.  The first person to 25 points wins $25.00 which I will send via PayPal.  If you don’t have PayPal then you don’t get crap.  I’m not sending you doubloons or something.  Get Guessing!

To see past rounds to see how to play, just check out Guess My Netflix!