OK – here is the deal.  I like the Netflix Game so I’m going to do it for money.  That’s me giving YOU money.  I wish I could do it the other way around but I can’t figure out how.  And because I’m giving away money I’m gonna include this in this here Podcaturday Post!  So first I talk about Podcaturday and then I tell you how you can win $25.00.  Pretty sweet deal, actually.

After a one week hiatus caused by NOT ME we got back on track this week and you get to hear Melz and Beans at their grumpiest.  We had some sweet voicemails and we we talked about Midnight Madness, perhaps the best movie of all time that stars Eddie Deezen and Michael J. Fox.  I’m embedding the beginning after the jump and then you can watch the rest of it on YouTube just by clicking the thing.  but, even more importantly than that, after the jump I TELL YOU HOW TO WIN $25.00.

Guess My Netflix for $25.00

I floated the game this week and now I think people are ready to play for money.  How?  Well, like this.

  • I post a screen shot from a movie (like up there – that’s actually the first one).
  • You post the name of the movie in the comments.
  • The first right answer is worth 2 points.
  • Anyone who chimes in with the right answer before I get to the post and announce the winner(s) gets a point.
  • I will keep score in the sidebar.  If you have your own site, then I will make your name a link if you get on the board.
  • First player to get to 25 points (and in the event of a tie, the order of posting will matter) will win $25.00.  Pretty sweet deal I’d say.  I may even make the prize $50.00 if I rob enough hookers between now and when someone wins.
  • Money will be paid via PayPal.

If you need to guess, guess.  You don’t lose points for being wrong.  And if you are wrong and then come back and post correctly before I get there then it still counts as a point for you. I’m a slut.  So good luck.  The first one is tough (I hope).  You aren’t getting pics of Fredo or R2-D2 now that there is money on the line!

Midnight Madness!

PS – Nicole, good work with the 5 pics.  Mayan Pyramids was a great answer.