This is what I dressed up as.  Did I look like a hot chick?

This is what I dressed up as. Did I look like a hot chick?

So the 2009 costume contest has come and gone and the winners were announced, but I didn’t talk about everyone who entered yet.  And usually when there are individuals in our contests, I talk about them.  Cause screw them.  The gallery is at the bottom if you want to relive the glory of it.  I am going to reference people in the order in which they finished in the contest.  The no sign booby prize people are at the bottom.  Boobies.  Hee.

  • Super Ghost Boy – What can I say?  Who would have thought that a kid who could not even figure out how to hold the goddamn sign rightside up could amass an army of more than 1200 cookie deleting bastards!  Super Ghost Boy, I hope your mom or dad or whoever entered you uses the money to buy you a real costume for next year!
  • The Lewis Carrolls – It was really close on like, Tuesday when the Lewis Carrolls (good costumes by the way) were really fighting the good fight vote wise.  I like them a lot and I hope they play next year.  UPDATE – The LC’s Contacted me and let me know that they got their votes from Myspace!
  • Squeenager – Now we are in the realm of what I like to call “The people who didn’t cheat”.  Squeenager mobilized a lot of people.  Also, not for nothing, but I heard some guys were commenting on her and I will be contacting the FBI, pervs.  Her name is not Squeendult.  Anyway – hats off to you, undead child.
  • Fragileheart – Prettiest costume for sure.  I mean, this was genuine finery.  And she got redressed on Sunday just to enter.  I know cause I was in her yard watching her.
  • Jeremy – Jeremy by FAR worked the hardest on his pics.  I mean, come on.  Look at them.  You have to squint to see him in some of them and then when you do it’s fucking creepy.  I think if he had big tits he would have won.

The rest (and the new pics) after the jump – don’t miss it!!!

  • Witch – Not only is her costume cute, but look at that bad ass Star Wars picture behind her.  I would say that this kid should enter every year and pose in front of that Star Wars Picture and sit on that broom.  No matter what the costume is.  Yep.  I’m good at this.
  • M Frost – Dude shoulda won.  He’s Mayor McFuckinCheese.  I want to bite his head.
  • Darth Edible – I have to say the number of votes cast for ‘guy who is holding his lunch’ was pretty staggering (relatively).  Maybe it’s because he was the first one in.  It pays to be prompt!
  • Hippie – Not 100% sure this is even a costume.
  • Tails – I am distracted by her giant diamond.  Is that real?
  • Tif – She rules cause she crumpled the paper.  Not only is it a good makeup job, the ACTING involved in the paper crumpling is gold.
  • Hotspur – I don’t really get why he photoshopped the sign and the mask.  I mean, was that easier than getting a dishtowel and some tape?  And if the pic was old, wtf was he doing when it was taken?  Honey, quick!  Take a picture before I go to the….roundup?
  • Lucy – She actually LOOKS like who she dressed up as.  Too bad nobody knows who Lucy is anymore.
  • Cobra Commander – More people know who Cobra Commander is than know who Lucy is now.  Sucks to be Lucy!
  • Dionysius – I am glad someone told me who he was cause I was gonna guess the Dude from Legend.
  • ian & caitlin – don’t even get me started on these two *shakes fist*.  Their pic is at the end of the album.  Late.  Gah.  They looked good.  Shame about the timing.
  • Irene – Hottest one.  Look how much boob she showed.  Sort of made me want to make out with a dollar bill.  Don’t judge me.
  • Lossie – Excellent execution of a great idea.  Well done, Lossie.
  • Jessica – I am glad someone decided to go on offense against a the frigging zombies.  I also appreciated the fact that she didn’t mind stepping on the couch.  I wonder if it’s her house.
  • Rizzo – I never saw Grease.  I never will.  But I did see a pic of Rizzo once which means I can declare this a good costume.
  • Sonic – Do kids still like Sonic?  Wasn’t he invented like, 15 years ago?  Why isn’t this kid dressed like one of the guys from Contra?  Oh.
  • Aleix – I would watch a movie about gang bangers fighting zombies.  I would watch it right now.  See how I used the word I a few times in this?  That’s to draw attention to the fact that the name ‘Alex’ doesn’t have a goddamn ‘I’ in it.  I don’t know how to pronounce ‘Aleix’.  So I just said: Gus.
  • Angie – Quoth me: I am not sure if she had to explain her costume during the night.  I hope not.  That always sucks.  Like the year I went as “Hflort the Gripnag”.  Nobody knew.  🙁
  • Judy Jetson – How the hell does that kid know about the Jetsons?  Is her TV stuck in time?
  • Marissa – Another Zombie.  I think.  Could have been: person who just hit someone in the head with a hammer.
  • Vanessa – Vanessa is a hot name.  And I still think 50’s vampire was clever.  Think of James Dean playing that sissy from Twilight.
  • Cowboy – Dude just wanted to get home and nail his wife while still wearing the chaps.  Or nail someone.
  • Mike – I have to say that I have never seen Mad TV.  BUT!  Lot’s of people IM’d me and said this dude was especially good.
  • Pirate Wench – Is it just me or is that lady like, really tiny.  I mean, that’s just a piece of paper and it covers like, her whole body.  Midget Pirate Wench, good job!
  • Sandrag – I thought Sandrag was hot.  I figured she would get ton of votes but then realized maybe I typed her name wrong and it should have been: Andrag.  I may never know now.
  • Zorro & Catherine Zeta Jones – Pretty good costumes.  They won the no sign award!
  • Punkin Head Baby – hee – babies are cute.
  • Morticia – Those really were just her regular clothes.
  • Moe the Cat – That’s goood cat.
  • WNGL – this one probably made me the happiest.  He submitted it way late and just thought it would be fun.  I goddamn agree, WNGL.  And I didn’t know that a person could have a name like a radio station.  Learn something new every day.

I want to thank everyone who played.  I even want to thank the people who cheated.  You let us know we need to have better rules and a better polling system.  Cost me $100 to figure that out, but what the hell.  Happy Halloween!