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Halloween Activity Cards Revisited

Halloween Activity Cards Revisited

Start decorating too late to make it look good.

I made these Halloween Activity Cards a few years ago and posted one a day for the whole month of October.  But in today’s world, people want everything at once!  So here is a gallery of all of them.  I wonder which ones you have don’t or haven’t done.  Or, better yet, which ones are you gonna try this  year?  Let me know in the comments which are your favorites.  I have to admit I am super proud of these so I hope you like them.

And hey, if you don’t like any of them, leave a comment anyway so I can totally NOT come and egg your house…

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  1. Healthy Cooking Mom

    Yummm pumpkin spice! Im not a coffee drinker but i think im going to have to make my own pumpkin spice hot chocolate as i feel im missing out ☺ Marie 🙂

  2. Shane

    How fun and festive are these?! Love the PSL and old woman ones. So quirky!

  3. RunningInHeels

    These look so cute and fun! I’m not too big into halloween though, I’ll just grab a pumpkin 🙂

  4. Jasmine Watts

    I love Halloween and love that pumpkin spice latte! Sounds like so much fun!

  5. Dana Peller

    LOL, I like the cards a lot! I love the twist of sarcasm 🙂

  6. MegOhKay

    We just watched the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” yesterday with my son. Unfortunately I missed the 50th anniversary episode, but I broke out our DVD version. I <3 Halloween!

  7. thingssarahloves

    Yes, pumpkin spiced lattes sum up Halloween for me, haha. I love Spiced Pumpkin Pie tea which I’ve been drinking a lot of recently.

  8. Debbie-jean Lemonte

    The ghost one is my favorite. I can only picture some funny caption looking at it.

  9. katrinajeancarter

    I absolutely love the creativity that goes in each one of the card! Very funny too–love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Mihaela Echols

    I like the one with the which and the ghosts.

  11. Cait Weingartner

    I’m all for “Half Assed Decorating”, so much so, that I may try it for Christmas too. Thanks!

  12. Jolina

    Hahaha these are fun! Cleaning out the crawlspace has me totally creeped out though! Yikes!

  13. crystal

    The pumpkin spice latte sounds good

  14. Amber Myers

    Yay for Halloween!

    I like the picture of the dog as a unicorn. If I tried to dress up my cats, they’d claw me.

  15. AWanderingVine

    Love the first one! I haven’t decorated at all, and Halloween is in less than an hour ????

  16. Jojo Vito

    I like the first one… decorating the late and find great excuses.Lol

  17. Elizabeth O.

    I had a great time laughing at these cards! I love your humor and they’re really entertaining! Thanks for sharing these.


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