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Halloween Costume FAILS

Halloween Costume FAILS

There’s a theory around here that you can add sexy in front of the name of any costume and it will work. With these I just dare you to try.




While technically correct this one isn’t going to ever attract the kinky lady of his dreams. Unless she’s a printer trying to calibrate her machines properly.


A perfect costume if you want your little girl to grow up to be Margaret Thatcher. I do believe she is currently the most hated woman in the United Kingdom. On the other hand it is good to be Queen. Off with their heads!



I’ve never been able to understand how there can be such a massive amount of blood and gore in video games yet the fuzzy censor block comes out when there’s a bit of T&A on stage. With a few changes this could be the Psycho shower scene and nobody care that she was naked.


I’m not sure why but I’m very very frightened. I would avoid these people when they took off the yellow paint and keep an extra close eye on Maggie.


795-epic-dog-costume-fail-theyfailedcom-the-ultimate-win-wallpaper-400x362 (1)

For some reason little dogs being eaten by alligators is a big costume idea this year. Even if dogs have good natures and will put up with this kind of thing the cat will be planning to murder you in your sleep if you even try to put a costume on her.


I’m not a psychic but the thoughts of that woman is coming through loud and clear. “How much is a divorce lawyer and can I use this photo as evidence of cruel and unusual punishment”


STARWARSSTARWARSSTARWARSSTARWARS Even the cat is sick of it and for gods sake a little bit more effort there Obi Wan.


“Sorry we have no mints. Please take a condom instead.”

Cabbages and Condoms is all about the Thai food and…condoms. The Santa costume made completely of condoms is the most famous but there are other costumes that are equally intricate. Close examination reveal that the small studs on some of them are birth control pills.



This is actually a mug shot but the sheer genius of disguising yourself by drawing all over your face with a magic marker before a burglary qualifies it. It may just be genius enough that I’m getting an orange jumpsuit and a magic marker for the Halloween Party this year.


If you’re a frat boy you think Down on Dracula, Droopy and Waxin are absolutely hilarious. This is why you have to drink a lot of beer because no real woman is ever going to sleep with you when you’re that stupid.


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