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Halloween Pets: Never Not Adorable

Halloween Pets: Never Not Adorable


Inspired by seeing this little guy somewhere on social media I thought, you know what our fans need? They need to see adorable cats and dogs in Halloween costumes! Yes, yes they do. So what follows is a collection of some of my favorites. (Why don’t I have any pictures of my cats in costumes? Folks, my cats don’t wear costumes, they wear diamond collars. Please.)


He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

This cat might be sweet as pie but right now I’m terrified of it.


Look at this mellow pupper. Just hanging out, calmly surveying his kingdom.

I have wanted to have a dog I could dress in a lion costume for about 12 years now. Someday, world. Someday.


A little cat dressed as a big cat. So meta.

Catter is pretty sure she’s invincible.


“Hooman, y u do dis?”

Look at this sweet little dogger. It just wants to know why you would do such a thing.


What’s another word for pirate treasure?

There is no way this dog isn’t smothering you in your sleep Halloween night for this.


Get it? GET IT?

Look, it’s a weiner dog. Shakes head in embarrassment.


Sheep…. dog…. sheepdog.

This dog is the victim of a terrible dad joke.


Please. Please no.

I have maybe never seen a more mournful french bulldog-seal hybrid in my life.


Man, I’ll never live this down at the dog park.

This pupper is having an existential crisis.


This dog is fancy AF.

The internet says this is a rooster costume. I don’t know that I buy that, but it’s fabulous that’s for GD sure.



There is no way the woman holding this cat is still alive today.


I’ve got your Patronus right here.

I mean. Pipe cleaner glasses? Wow.


Ready for my dive, Steve.

Actually I really did LOL when I saw this one. He’s so serious. He’s ready.


I eat chicken, I don’t dress as chicken. This is humiliating.

Yeah, this cat is coming for you.


Never have I seen a more regal steed.

He takes his job very seriously.


Well, there are two things in this picture that might kill you.

Catter is not impressed with you at all. She is going to suck all your breath out of your body while you sleep.


Trust the force, Luke.

I find this dog to be surprisingly enthusiastic about his costume.



“Dracarys, motherf***ers!”

I don’t really have words for how glorious this dogger is. Unperturbed by her costume, I’m pretty sure she is literally turning into an actual dragon.

Enjoy, leave comments below, or, better yet, links to more amazing animals in costumes. Happy October and Halloween Month!

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    • Cider

      IKR? Me too!

  1. jMo

    There are some unique ones here but I can’t tear my eyes away from that Sheephound,

    • Cider

      Yes, I love that one too. 🙂

  2. Sangfroid

    The world is lucky that domestic cats aren’t lion sized because every single costumed cat looks like they want to maul their owners.

    • Cider

      Truth. You’ve heard that joke, right, that the reason cats are frustrated is that they are these perfect killing machines/predators but their just 8 pounds and they can’t kill much of anything, i.e. their stupid owners.

  3. Arvin Lee

    They are all great costumes, but Trust the force, Luke. is my favorite – cuteness overload….

    • Cider

      That pup just looks so happy about being a Jedi, right?

  4. Julie Maloney

    My dog hits one year this Sunday and weighs in at ninety pounds. I had already told my husband he was going to be a lion, now I’m convinced.

    • Cider

      I want to see pics!

  5. Briana Marie

    I so love this post! Lol. I can’t wait till I finally get a dog. I’m gonna have lots of fun with the costume ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cider

      As a kid we always had dogs and never dressed them out. I mourn all the lost opportunity! I have cats now but I think they would both kill me if I tried. Hmmmmm.

    • Cider

      Ha ha, probably not. Maybe you could decorate the tank. 🙂

  6. Nellwyn

    These are all so adorable! I wish I had a pet so I could dress it up for Halloween in one of these costumes!

  7. chen

    This is too cute, haha

  8. Amber

    Oh my gosh, all these animals are adorable! My cat would claw the crap out of me if I tried to dress her up. I have an older male cat who just goes limp if I try. So I don’t bother.

  9. MyYellowApron

    Sucha cute idea to dress up cats. So much fun and great pics as well.

  10. Sheri @ A Busy Bees Life

    hahahaha, these are so funny and adorable. I kept going from one pic to the next like omg lol, oh how cute…..that spider is unreal! Love it.

  11. Valerie Ratliff

    Love these costumes. I need to get my pups dressed up for Halloween. Yes, I take them trick or treating.

  12. Rāyä

    These are so cute! One time we saw a really really fat chihuahua dressed as a taco with a sombrero! Lol! Halloween is here 🙂

  13. Janine Good

    These are awesome. I love the lion manes on the cats and dogs. I never thought i’d see the day when pets would be dressed up, but here we are 😉

  14. Amy Shellman

    These are so cute!! I’d love to dress up my little chorkie but she goes crazy trying to take off whatever it is we put on her, so it just isn’t worth it.

  15. Christina

    The pirates and “lion” dog are classic. I wonder what the animals think of being dressed up. My dog has a Scottish kilt.

  16. Christian

    These are so funny! I was laughing the whole time!

  17. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    Oh my god – they are so adorable! We are thinking about dressing our cats up, but my husband is not too keen.

  18. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    Oh my gosh – these are RIDICULOUS but I love them all the same, Hahaha! I can’t choose a favorite.

  19. idrisstwist

    This looks like a lot of fun ! I love it

  20. Teresa Gilbert

    I just got my furbaby he is still a pup! I cant wait to dress him up! Not sure what I am doing for him yet

  21. Pria Amor Bote

    Gosh! They all look adorable! Thinking of putting my furbaby into one of the costumes but he will just eat it all up.. LOL

  22. lastchance3

    These are adorable. I’m trying to figure out if I should dress up my furbaby (more like if he’ll let me)


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