People who think Christmas is the best time of year are stupid.  Hands down it’s Halloween.  Nothing beats some crispness to the air coupled with dressing up like a douche and getting away with it.  And the Gallery takes this holiday VERY seriously.  Look for our content this month to have a definite holiday-appropriate touch.

Speaking of which, you can watch all the damn movies I have been making.  Someone?  Anyone?  I need some feedback, as I am making 31 of the damn things.  I am committed.  I hope there are enough scary things on earth…

Beyond that – we are just excited to hear about what people are going to be doing for Halloween.  In fact, in addition to the big Halloween Scavenger Hunt we are running with our friends from Entrecard we are also going to be having a costume contest with a great prize.  Check for details in a later post.

So get ready for some scary stuff.  Or at least some stuff that seems like it might be scary.  Or something.