Find Hannah Online!

Hey Hannah – you’re a veteran of the gallery women in horror month celebration  good work.  What’s the name of your podcast?

Undead Airlock!

What’s your show about?

It’s a savvy and sassy analysis and exploration of the horror genre. From creatures to creepypasta, interviews to in-fighting, meaning to madness, Undead Airlock talks all things horror!

What are some of your favorite episodes?

  • The Sauce on Creepypasta
  • Hannah Selector Goes to the Movies
  • Momster In the Studio

How well do you think horror is represented in the podcast world?

Hot dang is there an abundance of absolutely brilliant horror fiction podcasting being done nowadays! I love it very much. There’s a lot of great genre stuff too, although I think that aspect of horror podcasting is less well know or just plain ol’ less popular. I’d love to change that!

What about women-led podcasts? In your experience, are they common or rare in horror?

About even, maybe? I would love more women-led horror podcasts (and genre analysis in general). Ladies, let’s collab! My email is somewhere up there.

What podcast/podcaster influenced you to begin podcasting and why?

As horribly vain and/or navel-gazy as it sounds – it was me. Hannah Selector. I just desperately wanted to turn my deep and abiding love of horror outward – even if only to a few loyal people. Since I had some teaching experience, a podcast seemed like a workable medium, a little internet radio lecture.

Inspire someone who is just starting out in the podcast world.

You’re smart, you’re capable, you’re likable and damn it, you’re just so gosh darn lovely. The gumption to do something is more than half the battle and the podcasting world (in my experience) has been incredibly welcoming, helpful and kind. If you’re nervous, people will be encouraging; if you have questions, people will answer them; if you want guests, other hosts are more than willing to be there for you. You can totally do this!

(One of us! One of us! One of us!)

What’s your favorite experience as a woman horror podcaster so far?

Being a lady horror podcaster.

But, seriously, the best ever thing has been interacting with listeners! I’ve even met a few in person, which was incredible.

What do you have coming up?

I have a dentist appointment the day after Valentine’s day and I am terrified.  Also, I’ll be bopping around Mad Monster Party Carolina in Charlotte, NC from February 22-24. Come say hi and hug the flesh vessel that holds all my anxiety!

Any other plugs you need to get in there?

You should check out my other podcast venture – Castle Rock Historical Society. What began as a finger-on-the-pulse analysis of Hulu’s Stephen King series Castle Rock has transmogrified into a general horror media talk show as we wait for season two. Much like myself, it is delightful and full of terrible thoughts.