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What Happened Yesterday – Links

What Happened Yesterday – Links

I really thought I was going to get through this without any Trump links by MY GOD WE WILL ALL DIE!

  • McKayla Maroney worked hard to get that butt, then used a free Instagram account to show people.  Now she is telling people who
    on’t like it to go jump in the lake.  Good for her. WWTDD
  • Karen Gillan is pretty.  Fleshbot
  • Boston is delirious because they won their playoff series last night because of the big doofy white guy. SB Nation
  • Rob Zombie straight up smashes some geezers on Twitter (by the way should I we have a K-pop section because I am a pervert it is super popular?) – Imgur
  • Can we change the President’s song to the Benny Hill Music without amending the Constitution? Politico
  • Ivanka is QUICKLY eating up her free pass for being super hot by being super lame. The Superficial
  • Get away from Gal Gadot, Zack Snyder!  You might make her say something stupid! Batman News

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  1. Cider

    I am most angry about people telling McKayla to put her ass away. YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH YOUR ASS, MCKAYLA!!!!!

    • Acadia Einstein

      *Sings ‘whatever you like’ to McKayka’s ass*

      • Cider

        Yes and update – I don’t like anything that shitty rag WWTDD says about her either. She’s not pudgy, she’s not a midget, there’s nothing wrong with midgets, eff everyone, SMASH THE PATRIARCHY – WITH YOUR AMAZING ASS.

        • Acadia Einstein

          They’ve gone down hill steadily but they did make a gif.

    • Martin Conterez

      People thought the video had been hacked and shared. Then she set them straight. Pure badassery (pun intended).

  2. Martin Conterez

    Also, there aren’t many people I would punch. But on the list of people I would punch is any adult with the last name of Trump. That includes Ivanka.


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