Since today is Stephen King’s Birthday, I decided to see just how far his little universe went.  It goes far and it is NOT little.  And I am sure that people will have some beef with what was chosen for each letter but the fact that there can even be a debate sort of shows you just how much a part of our culture Mr. King is.  Oh, and nobody will have any problem with X.  I would never have found X at all had it not been for Christy Ramsey from TGNP.ME.  And the other possibility for X (using the doll from the X-Files episode he wrote) came from Eva from The Year of Halloween.  So this would really not have been possible without them.

Well, prolly it would have but it would have taken longer and I would have had to wait until next year to post it.  So have at it.  And let me know what you think of the picks.  I think Salem’s Lot is sort of underrepresented.  And poor Annie Wilkes!  Snubbed!  Happy Birthday, Mister King.

Click for the full gallery!

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