banner skull2As you know, Eva Halloween runs The Year of Halloween, Gallery BFF and your go-to site for Halloween type stuff and articles that read like a good book unlike mine that read like the back of a (hilarious) sugar packet. And she debuted a new look today that is simply stunning, just in time for her big month.

As you can see from the new layout, our massive archive of Halloween craft, makeup, and costume tutorials is now easier than ever to access, as well as the back catalog of horror movies, short films, spooky stories, and more. But don’t think we’re planning to rest on our bloody laurels this year! Check back to The Year of Halloween for a new post every day in the month of October, from featured horror fiction of yesteryear to fresh new costume ideas for Halloween 2014. We’ll also be hitting our 100th horror short film this month, and have a special Friday Night Features event planned for Halloween itself. Until then, kittens, happy hauntings! — Eva Halloween

Go check it out, and tell her how great the posts I write for her are.  And then come back here and let me know if I should steal her theme.  Heh.  Pride: I gots none.