Well, it is getting closer to dark, and soon you will have to either get your kids ready to go out trick or treating, or get ready to hand out candy to trick or treating kids, or getting your van ready to snatch kids or doing nothing cause your driveway is too fucking long for kids to walk up.  Whatever is it, the best thing you can do to get ready is click these links and watch these videos.  You can trust me.  I’m like a doctor.  A dirty, devil doctor.  So get clicking!

  • Jennifer Hudock – if you don’t know her, go check out her site (she is a writer and she has audio versions of her stories, so she is a reader, too).  And just so you know – next year she is gonna get married in a real live zombie wedding to…
  • James Melzer – Published horror writer and audio bookmaker.  The nuptials between Jenny and himself will be filled with gory goodness.
  • Epix HD – People are claiming it is Hulu for movies.  Head over there and sign up for an invite.  Now, if it works the way it did for me, you will get an email saying to check back on Thursday.  But then a while later you will get a weekend preview invite.  I am watching Cloverfield right now, and they have Pet Sematary, which is bad ass.
  • I just dug the scarecrow pic this dude took.

Videos after the cut.

Some dude lights his house to the theme from Halloween.  I wish I had a John Carpenter Greatest Hits album.

This dude gets nailed.