It’s that goblin!

I walk around my back yard sometimes and when I’m not thinking about where I would shoot from if Red Dawn ever really happens I’m thinking about turning the whole thing into a haunt.  You know.  Haunted house?  Have people come through and get scared.  It gets more popular and elaborate every year. I become obsessive about it and work on it all year round until I am just “the crazy Halloween guy”.  All that kind of thing?

Well I’m too late.  Apparently people already do this.  All the time.  And this movie follows three of them in some podunk Massachusetts town.  This movie follows all three families.  And it does all the things good documentaries do.  Especially with the treatment of the harelipped guy who lives with his elderly father.  Yeah, I know that sounds like a bad joke or an even worse porn, but it is actually pretty touching.

Anyway, I know there are plenty of horror movies you can watch, but if you can find it and have some room to squeeze it in, give it a shot.  They even bleep out the swears!