Look Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish. He was a Roman (Britain was Roman) that was captured, enslaved, released, became a priest and then went back to Ireland to convert the pagans. It’s actually a religious type event in Ireland. All the green beer and parades and drunken fake Irish is American. (For a long time Saint Patrick’s day was dry in Ireland) Worse still the actual color associated with Saint Patrick is blue. (Hmmm Romulan Ale) The only real way to tell if someone is Irish on March 17th is to ask them who Saoirse Ronan is. If the response is that she’s the best actress in Hollwood AND they can pronounce her name correctly (There’s no point in even trying to explain phonetically. It’s one of those Irish vowels that are a shibboleth) you’ve probably got the genuine article. Nobody much cares if you don’t get it right. It’s Saint Patrick’s day for fecks sake!  Go wear some green and enjoy yourself.


It’s Ser-sha like Inertia but you’re still saying it wrong. She’s been in lots of great movies. This is from The Lovely Bones


Be sure and check out the lovely lady swearing in the Irish at the bottom.





Ok how do you do this? No I don’t want twenty smiley faces with horns. ARRRGGH!




Happy casual racism about the Irish Day.








Wait there’s an option other than green beer?




Still one of my favorite pin ups


Cute and she swears in the IRISH. This may be the perfect woman

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