So I was trying to figure out what to post today and I realized that there is NOTHING going on.  I won’t write about the Kardashians or Iraq (unless it is one article about sending them TO Iraq) and I didn’t have anything particularly interesting happen to me today and all my other articles are “in the cooker” which means I thought of a title or saved 1500 pictures of dogs humping and am trying to make them into a collage.

I got nothing.  And Imgur was nothing but one joke gifs and boobs today so I couldn’t even post anything from there.  So instead I did what I guess every other website does.  “Curate”.

Curate means steal and compile.  11 different people say something funny on Twitter, someone from Buzzfeed screen shots it and all of a sudden they have a million hits.  Then someone takes THOSE and puts them on Imgur and they get upvoted to the moon until somone screenshots the whole thing and puts it on Tumblr where it eventually bubbles into Facebook.

OC (Original Content) is rare.  But since I am tired I am giving you the best Harry Potter posts from Tumblr.  And no, I didn’t “curate” them.  I am not getting paid by Buzzfeed to scroll through a million Tumblr posts looking for good jokes.  Plus my Tumble feed is always fourteen pics from old comic books then OMG NATSY PORN!  But I did stumble upon this gem.  I have seen it on Imgur 100 times and now someone cannibalized Tumblr and “curated” the funny Harry Potter posts and made ONE Tumblr post out of it.  The posts are legit funny.  Check them out after the jump.  And the only credit I am giving is built in.  The Tumblr users’ names are in the posts.  So follow them.  Or don’t.  Or steal these pics and put them on Google Plus.  Nobody will be looking for them there.

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