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Have Some Cake

Well, the year is coming to a close.  Time to make some new year’s resolutions and all that nonsense.  If you are planning on cutting out sweets in the coming year, well, I’m glad I got you this before 2010 comes to a close.  You see, I baked all of you a surprise “Happy New Year” cake.  Come and get a piece after the jump.

See you next year!

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  1. Acadia

    Oh for Christ’s sake. I was told that cast was being made for SCIENCE. You can all just go to hell!

  2. vange

    Cornmeal, that is one sweet treat fairly low in calories!

  3. loolpooq

    balls look like a twinkie

  4. Patrick

    there are no words..

    • Acadia

      Explain, step by step, how you found this.


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