Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”. An overlooked associate struggles to complete a corporate presentation as a horrific secret gnaws at her conscience.

From Writer and Director Kevin Sluder

While working on set, a conversation about the best of Edgar Allan Poe’s works gave Kevin an idea. He’d long considered The Tell-Tale Heart as his favorite Poe work as it was not only macabre but also tragically human. “It speaks to the frailty of our nature and about guilt being an inescapable curse. On the way home from the shoot, this image got stuck in my head. It was this innocent, rising star exec staring at her reflection before a corporate presentation, having done something terrible the night before. I couldn’t shake it,” shares Kevin.

With Heartless, he wanted to make a film that paid homage to The Tell-Tale Heart and American Psycho with a troubled narrator that people could relate to, “I want audiences to be thrilled and truly horrified by what she does in this film. In the end, I hope I give audiences a fun, different, and thrilling new version of a classic Poe tale that they can enjoy again and again,” Kevin states.

Cast and Crew

Stacy Snyder – “Shelby”

Joanna Sotomura – “Clare”

Matt Mercer – “Deano”

Blaine Vedros – “Brandt”

Ron Morehouse – “Tripp”

Melody Melendez – “The Admin”


Written and Directed By  Kevin Sluder


Producers – Jose Gonzalez, Rachel Ferrell

Executive Producers – Kevin and Jennifer Sluder

Cinematographer – Mike Testin

Production Designer – Rachel Ferrell

Editor – Matt Mercer

Associate Producers – Bryan Ricke, Melissa Vitello

Costume Designer – Jennifer Sluder

Composer – Steve Moore

Assistant Director – Melissa Vitello

Stunt Coordinator – Ross Scharphorn

Key Makeup – Emily Lowe

Assistant Makeup – Julie Curl

Special Makeup FX – Josh and Sierra Russell

Assistant Camera – Lili Soto

Gaffer – Dustin Supencheck

Key Grip/Swing Grip – Josh Bell/Bryan Ricke

Sound Mixer – Nicole Zwiren

Sound Editor – Shawn Duffy

Visual FX – Jason R Miller

Colorist – Brodie Alexander