I never get to go to the movies because I am stuck in Gallery Headquarters all the time, but it is ok because Gallery Bestie MissCaputo02 has her own movie review blog at PB & Horror so I can just send you over there to get the lowdown with her excellent Hell Fest review.  Here’s a sample!

It’s quite an unnerving thought that every Halloween season, people attend haunted attractions essentially leaving themselves vulnerable to the possibility that there’s someone inside who isn’t part of the act.

I actually love that idea and hope at least one person dies at every haunt every year because it will make the lines shorter!  And then if you get  through the haunt without dying you get like, I dunno, a button?  That seems like a good prize*

And the movie has Bex Taylor-Klaus in it and I love her a ton!  Based on MissCaputo02, I am hoping I can see Hell Fest at some point if I ever get outside.  But if not I can read her CT Horror Con review and wish I had gone there, too!

*I was kidding I don’t want anyone to die.  Mostly.