This is a movie that needs to be remade.  I mean, Hellraiser is one of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time without a doubt.  Sweet movie.  Amazing premise.  Kick ass monster.  Pinhead is awesome (the rest of the Senobites sucks IMO) but the movie suffers.

It suffers because the acting is terrible and they were stuck with terrible 80’s special effects.  This movie needs to be remade with good actors and good special effects.  Can we get some funding?  Anything?  Someone?

Also, I know all I would have to do is look up Senobites and see if I spelled it right but I am just dying for some nerd to correct me.  In the meantime, I need to find me some Hollywood big-wigs to pay me a bunch of money to make a new, better version of Hellraiser. Trailer after the jump!

And if you needed any convincing that the movie needs to be remade, watch the trailer.  It’s like they spent all their money on Pinhead and the box.  The rest of the monsters look like novelty erasers.  My version will be way better.  I promise.