Another season of Hell’s Kitchen started up last week and the first episode ended with a cliffhanger of sorts.

Some dude getting up in Gordon Ramsey’s face saying that he was not a bitch and that Ramsey was indeed a bitch. Ramsey just stood there and then the episode ended. So, they carried it over to tonight. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?!!?

Uh, some dudes will come over to make sure no punches are thrown. Christ, this is a fucking cooking show. I know Ramsey yells all the time, but still, this ain’t like, you know, Making the Band with P. Diddy. The worst case is some dude might grab some meatballs and throw them at you. Then, you grab some scallops, yell, “THEY’RE RAW!!!” and let loose with a volley of those at another guy.

So, yeah, the dude cursed a lot and left. Then, there was more cooking. All in all, hey, a solid episode.