Okay.  This movie is frigging terrifying.  Nothing supernatural about it.  Just a movie about a guy who happens to be a serial killer.  So why is it so scary?  Because it’s so goddamn plausible.  It’s dirty, messy, weird and makes one uncomfortable.

It’s been years since I’ve seen it and I haven’t gone back to it.  Why?  I’ve seen other movies higher on this list a million more times than this one.  So why can’t I go back and visit Henry?

Because he creeps me the fuck out.  That’s why.  If you drew one of those big charts where you make a circle for each element: my life, professional bowling, people who make cereal, you would find there is very little intersection.  But Henry and me?  The damn circles have plenty of cross-over.  They don’t overlap completely, but because I drive a car, walk around and don’t live in one of those forest fire watch ,I am forced to live in Henry’s world.

Henry could get me.  I don’t like the idea of that.  I don’t like the idea of there being a bunch of Henrys wandering around without me knowing it.  Or rather, knowing it but not being able to figure out who is who.  Go ahead, watch the movie.  I guarantee you that you’ll never think of someone asking someone to get them a beer the same way again.  Goddamn creepy ass movie.  Ugh.

The trailer is after the jump.  I hate this movie.  I might get it on Netflix just so I can not watch it, throw it in the corner, and then pee on it to assert my dominance.  I do that.