Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a beast..literally. The guy is massive and over the last several years he has just steadily gotten bigger. If you follow his Twitter account you would note that he is constantly posting workout photos and comments about his workout regime and diet. Because of his size, it only makes sense that he would be chosen to play the son of Zeus.  His hairpiece leaves a little to be desired, but other than that he looks pretty bad ass and ready to take on all that comes at him. From the looks of the trailer, they seem to stick somewhat close to the mythological story. They must have had some Crest Whitestrips floating around in those days because his teeth are BLINDING. The trailer is pretty brooding and he doesn’t really say anything. He kind of yells a lot… Do I think it would be worth the price of admission? Probably. Summer blockbuster this is not but I think it could be fun to watch on a girls night out (really).  View the trailer and judge for yourself! The release date is set for next week, premiering in theaters July 25th.