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Random round-up of various things

Random round-up of various things

flipping off

Here I am flipping off Acadia while we’re in the process of making our podcast for the general public this week.

Here’s something I’m mad about – I started watching Agent Carter last week, season 1, because I hadn’t watched it at all. Season 2 started this past week as well. Tonight I tried to continue watching season 1 and I couldn’t because it’s not available anymore, not on on demand, not on Hulu or Netflix. So, thanks, world, and thanks content providers. I see how it is.

agent carter

So….. you don’t want me to watch your show? Because I’m not going to start with season 2, I want to start with season 1. But if you don’t let me, then I guess I can’t watch it at all.

I’m annoyed by stupid games that media companies play. If you want me to pay for a show, just make me buy it to begin with. If you broadcast it on a channel I’m paying for, and provide it via on demand/streaming services that I already pay for, how about you don’t just suddenly take it away? That would be great. Here’s what I don’t want to do – pay for a show on a network I already get, when I could have seen it for no additional cost last week. Why don’t you just stop being jerks?

I have similar stories about like 3 other shows. Right now what comes to mind is Broad City (but I watched it anyway, because, I effing love that show) and Black Sails. I’m sure there are more.

Do you have a similar story? Or, give me more reasons to hate cable and other media providers in the comments below.

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Jenn Martinelli

Don't let Acadia tell you he's the boss. I'm the real boss.


  1. Daniel Pierre Buhler

    Why did you wait a whole year?

    • Cider

      See, Acadia? I don’t even have time to watch the TV shows I want to, you ogre. Now our fans are calling me lazy.


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