Yesterday I decided I wasn’t wearing pants for the rest of the week. That means I’m wearing dresses, you perv, not being indecent.

Thankfully the weather in Boston is, perhaps temporarily, cooperating by being refreshingly above freezing. It is basically nearing flip-flop and shorts weather around here, in the 50s. Pretty soon people will be putting their winter coats in storage and stubbornly insisting they can go around bare-legged despite the piles of snow still melting slowly from The Neverending Winter. Let me remind you my brave fellow New Englanders: It was 12 degrees here a few days ago. Don’t get too excited yet. But for now I’ll take it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.09.14 AM

All this is to say… well nothing really. I’ve been busy but unlike other people who are busy I still faithfully do my best to actually post something on this site because I LOVE IT YOU JERKS. Ahem.

And now, here are things you should check out on the internet, for they will either amuse or infuriate you. (I’ll explain which way you’re supposed to feel for each one, don’t fret.)

First stop, Twitter.

green line skeleton

Here are a couple of things that should make you furious and hate everything:

And now I’ll wrap it up with a few great things that will leave you feeling better than you do after reading those last three items.