In case you have been living under a rock, Kathy Griffin posted this photo of herself:


In case you also have face blindness (Prosopagnosia – that’s a real thing! Isn’t it interesting? But I digress), that’s a facsimile of 45’s head she’s holding.

Welp, the internet and media and pundits and everyone went bananas.

The right couldn’t condemn it loudly enough, the left couldn’t stop tripping over themselves to also condemn it so they didn’t look bad I guess, and some people couldn’t stop tripping over themselves about how great and important it is and what a brave artist she is being.

Here’s the thing – I don’t care. I’m not a particular fan of hers, I find her abrasive, but I am also happy to say she should do whatever the hell she wants, generally, as long as she’s not harming others. And no, I don’t believe this photo was harmful to Barron Trump, whose father is showing more interest in him, suddenly, than he has since taking office. And I sure as f*** won’t listen to conservatives crying about how wrong it is while actually literally making statements like “imagine if the right had done this to Obama”.

Oh, you mean like this?

Here’s the thing – Kathy Griffin is a rich celebrity. She is known for being outrageous and crude, so she did something outrageous and crude. Who cares? I don’t think she’s amazing, but neither do I think she’s a horrible person who should be condemned for it.

Rather, I think we should keep our heads screwed on straight and worry about the fact that 45 doesn’t believe in climate change, actively hates pretty much everyone who’s not a rich white guy (and also his personal friend), appears to be not very smart at all, has no idea how to do his job, breaks laws on the regular while explaining that it doesn’t count if you’re president, fraternizes with murderers and despots, is a child rapist (alleged – whatever, I believe it), and is generally a horrific human being that I am regularly embarrassed and abjectly horrified by.

Let’s take all our outrage about a comedian and refocus it on doing what we need to do – resisting this nonsense.