The actress above is Gallery favorite Jaime Pressly.  You might know her as the hick from My Name is Earl or the hick from Joe Dirt.  Strange, she never seems to play a scientist or a 19th century author.  But be that as it may, apparently when she isn’t getting picked up for drunk driving she is being all normal and going to her stupid kid’s graduation from kindergarten or whatever.  Sure, she looks nice in her dress and all but I am not a fan of famous people being photographed doing mundane things.

You know the part of Us magazine where they say: Stars!  They’re just like us!  WHO WANTS THAT?  See the thinking is that if Kate Beckinsale and Hugh Jackman have to pay parking tickets and pick up dry cleaning then their life must not be so great.  But I don’t believe that at all.  Because as soon as Jaime Pressly is done picking up her kid, she is gonna take off that dress that costs more than her kid’s teacher’s entire wardrobe and sit naked in her mansion.  So instead of being “just like us” it is more like “acting like a commoner”.

They aren’t just like us.  They are taunting us.  So as far as I am concerned, all I want to see of them is when they are being glamorous.  The only star I want to see in any sort of “normal” situation like putting on his shoes or buying a keychain or pooping is Tom Brady.  Sigh.  He is so awesome.  The only reason he isn’t hotter than old Sleakstak Jaime up there is because she is a chick.   Otherwise it would be no contest.  And it is still pretty close.  I am so gay for Tom Brady.

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