The show is pretty flippin’ bent on ABC but this out-take clip from Tuesday’s eppy has convinced me they need to move to HBO or JTH or TLR or some combination of cable TV letters where they can say “twat” and “peppy little splooge vacuum.”  The eppy’s premise was a typo on a memo instructing employees to swear insults at each other.  As Veridian employees are rather an obedient group, hijinks ensued.  The video below contains some very wonderfully, creatively naughty language so be sure you have headphones on if your boss came in today.

You can’t tell me “dick-infested man mattress” isn’t a phrase we need to hear more often!  (I also love double negatives!)  My work place would certainty be a more pleasant place to spend time if I could call my co-worker a “spermatorium.”  Oh yes.  I would like that.