Her biceps are quite awesome and the hat covers most of her face. Kudos to stylist and trainer!

SJP needed more shoes, I guess, and did a sequel to the SATC movie.  I saw that last summer with one of my best friends and her mum.  That was a bit awkward, especially when the French dude was all nekkid.  I will probably see the new one but not until it goes to the dollar crap theater.  At any rate, she has another movie and looks older and more haggard than ever but I’m sure the clothes will be outrageous.  I wonder if Samantha is holding on to the “I will only be naked on TV” stance.  I thought that was weird.  Anyway, we have a bajillion pix of the horse-faced, mole-chinned wonder including 29 new tongue pix.  I was kind of surprised how often she stuck it out.

SJP Tongue