Human’s are fussy. A man that wants a top class sex doll picks from a list of ten female body types and sixteen faces then you go ad choose hair, makeup and even fingernails. Only the best silicone rubber is used for that flesh-like feel. Then when everything is perfect you go to La Senza for some lingerie. The more daring go to The Stockroom, it’s all good these girls don’t complain about how much baby powder it takes to get into latex

Let’s see; Face: 14 Body:2 Skin Tone: Tanned Eye Color: Hazel Green Wig: Red style 0703 Makeup: Heavy Black liner, bronze shadow Lip Color: Ice Pink Fingernails: French Manicure Freckles are optional. If this thing could read Kerouac she’d be just like the hottest woman I’ve ever dated only without all the smoking.

A dog doesn’t worry about getting the perfect body model. They just go with their sexual impulses whether it be the arm of the sofa or Aunt Nellie’s leg. The Hotdoll is shaped to be easily grabbed by a dogs paws just like a real dog’s hips. It comes in two sizes so little dogs can get in on the fun and the contrasting colors are easily seen by dogs. Like human RealDolls it’s covered with 1cm of technogel skin for that soft bitchy feel. Just remember to clean the pink hole after Rex is done. It’s an “easy to clean resevoir.”

Dogs involved with the testing of the Hotdoll are reported to be relaxed, less territorial, and there is reduced barking. I know that I my impulse to bark is reduced after sex although I don’t think any of my dates have used the optional female odor scent. There is no word yet if they’re coming up with a canine version of The Cone yet. Sorry girls you’re going to have to bark louder.

“When a dog tries to hump legs, stuffed animals and other objects, he cannot reach an ejaculation. With the DoggieLoverDoll he can. Human beings have their hands to masturbate themselves, now the domestic animals, which have practically no contact with females in heat, can alleviate themselves with a toy designed specifically for them.”