Thankfully, no one was hurt. Secondly, I have been in the Metrodome to watch a ballgame and it is a pretty nice stadium. I saw this video of the roof collapsing this morning and I had a thought or three about it. Since no one was hurt and a roof is replaceable, we can chuckle a bit about it all. I am kind of funny that way.

1) There is a metaphor in there some where, something to do with Brett Favre. Do the math.

2) Being a Lions fan, I always thought the Vikings were all wet.

3) The fact that the Vikings are going to play the Giants on Monday night at Ford Field in Detroit is ironic. Someone has to play the Lions role and I am sure neither team is feeling all that warm and fuzzy about that part, bad mojo and all.

Go jump the shark and catch this roof collapsorific video..