He had to put Chad right on the photo to avoid the Creepy Naked Kid caption

Acadia is trying to drag me onto Google + so I’ve been trying to figure out a name to use. See they’ve got a policy that you have to use your real name so none of my incomprehensible internet psueds are allowable. (Acadia apparently threatened them with a Batarang so he’s a “personality”)

It all makes me wish that Google + will hire the Faculty Adviser for the Hoosic Valley high school yearbook. Photo captions in the Totem Pole identify some members of the track and field team as; Isolation Kid, Creepy Smile Kid and Some Tall Guy. Since the rural district in upstate NY  has a graduating class of less than 100 someone just isn’t paying attention. “Someone” is also a member of the track team so I think we have an idea of who to blame for all this mislabeling.

So when Creepy Smile Kid appears on Google + it’s me.

I said … ACADIA