As a public service announcement, the Gallery is posting the following Powerpoint that we got emailed.  Did you know that “techno-thieves” can steal your atm card AND your pin number?  Sounds pretty scary, no?  Well, it would be except that it seems like the only way it will actually work is if you accept the help of another person.  And who does that?  I would not accept help from a stranger if I was dangling from a cliff.  No way.

Like one time, I was in a furniture store, and this guy (who I didn’t even know, I might add) came up to me and said: “Can I help you?”  Well, I knew right away he was trouble so I ran to the back of the store, tipping armoires and ottomans over as I went so he couldn’t catch me.  WTF would he want to ‘help’ me with?  I wasn’t out of breath or bleeding or anything.  It was obviously a ruse.  He wanted to ‘help’ me right out of my pants, probably.  Freak.

Anyway – watch this PowerPoint (and if you don’t know you can expand it to full screen then I’m not telling you).  You need to understand that if someone comes into the bank machine place while you are in there you should immediately stab them.  That way, what happens in the example below cannot happen to you.