Remember that old song Hot for Teacher by Van Halen? The line goes a little like this: I think of all the education that I missed but then again my homework was never quite like this! According to UPI an elementary school in Haifa Israel distributed DVD’s to the sixth grade that contained adult movies.

My homework was never like that! That was more likely the reason my homework didn’t get done.

About 90 kids received the DVD’s which were meant to be a celebration of “Hug Day” in Israel. How can you not collapse laughing at something like this? Is “Hug Day” along the same lines as when Acadia talks about “Special Kissing” in his carefully edited tongue photos?


It’s HUG DAY again

For those of you who have kids and are a little bit horrified. (I SAW YOU LAUGH) the school sent text messages to all the parents to confiscate the discs. It was homework and about “Hug Day.” I’d be surprised if any of the kids got to watch the action. I’d be surprised if any of the parents didn’t watch the action.

An outside contractor was hired to cut DVD’s that depicted a recent graduation party. The new recording didn’t quite erase the old recordings which played on after the school party footage and were definitely videos of what Robert Asprin called in Mythadventures “The Adult Conspiracy”

The text message said if parents return the DVD’s then students will be given non X rated versions of “Hug Day” It is not been reported how many parents decided to keep the hotter original version.