My country is a complicated as I am hot.

I have no problem speaking to people in India for technical support.  I have no problem with folks from India writing code for me (in fact, I need some).  I don’t have a problem with them having nuclear bombs.  Or at least I didn’t until I saw the pics below.  I saw something similar on the Amazing Race (there was a challenge in Mumbai that involved crazy wiring).  Now.  Obviously the shit must work in some manner.  But I really need to know how many steps there are between the guy who designed those telephone poles and the guy who designed their nuclear bombs.

If you were outside Dell’s call center, would the wires look like that?  All kidding aside, how does shit like that happen?  I have been to a lot of places, and I have seen a lot of slums.  We have slums right here in the US.  And in every slum there is a pair of sneakers hanging off the wires, but the WIRES THEMSELVES are normal.  How does…slummery migrate into actual public works?  Was there a guy from the government or the power company or the phone company who came down that street and said: “Yep, that looks just like my diagram here?”  Is everyone in that neighborhood stealing cable (cause that would rule).  How does something get like that?  How do they know who to send the bill to?

Anyway – I only have two pics but how many more could you need?