You may have seen an image like the one below from time to time.  It looks like one of those fake inspirationals but it has a picture that is supposed to make you freak out when you finally notice the thing they want you to notice.  Now.  A lot of times it seems like all they give you is a picture of a forest or some shit and you sit there staring at it wondering one of the following.

  • Is there actually anything I am supposed to be seeing or are they just fucking with me?
  • Is there going to be one of those things that jumps out at me and scares me?

Now, since this is somewhat of a past time now – the stinking thieving Internet has decided to make sites devoted to these types of pics and let people rate them and figure out what they are and shit.  I on the other hand, go to that site, steal ‘their’ pictures, remove their watermark and post them to you.  Which brings me to the picture below.  And how even this most innocent of wishes (to make someone shit bricks) can be corrupted.  See.  I thought the game was to find REAL scary shit in pictures.  Not just find pictures and put shit in them.  Anyone can do that.  Well, not ‘No Face Larry’, he can’t do much of anything.  But most other people can so go look at the pic below.  See if you can see what is supposed to make you ‘shit a brick’ and then tell me if that is worse than the main picture itself.

If you like this sort of thing, I will go get some more and bring them back.  But I am not linking you to them.  Oh no no no.  I don’t link to PIRATES.

Update – I linked the wrong picture before – look at the second one!