I forgot all about this video.  But then someone posted a comment on YouTube saying that there is pedo at 30 seconds in.  So I went back to look and sure enough, that kid comes running out of that bathroom pretty fast.  But I think more terrible is the fact that someone thought ass foam was a good idea and got enough money to hire someone to make a video about it.  Here at the gallery we do things differently.  Here’s a sample:

Acadia: Vange – we need a video.

Vange: OK – tell me what to do.

Acadia: (Lots of specific instructions)

Vange: What?  Repeat everything you said after I said “OK – tell me what to do”.

(Repeat this 500 times)

Acadia: Forget it.

Vange: I TRIED!

So instead I am just gonna  find the guy who made the ass foam and take his money, and the guy with the shirt that’s too small.  And the kid.  ALL OF THEM!  Video after the jump.  Ass foam.  Can’t I be number one in Google for Ass Foam?