sofia-buttActually, I can lie and just did there in the title.  But lots of peoples do or Sofia Vergara wouldn’t be popular enough to be on ABC’s great hope of a sitcom this fall, Modern Family.  It is formulaic and yet still very bent.  There’s enough Sofia in tight, low-cut dresses to appease the horn dogs and Julie Bowen satisfies the snarky girl-next-door contingent.  She was absolutely wonderful in Ed and, while this character bears no resemblance to Carol Vessey, she is still awfully fun.  There really isn’t any eye-candy* for the hetero-ladies and that is about my only complaint about Modern Family.  ABC, cast some hot dudes in this show so I can fully endorse it!  Thank you ever so much.

We have boatloads of pictures of each of these ladies so click and be happy.

Sofia Vergara

Julie Bowen

*I couldn’t find any nude pix of Al Bundy to better prove my point.  I’m really not terribly saddened by this.