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I Require Inspiration

Yet again/still, I am sick and taking raw meth by the handful.  However pesky immune systems are, I rather wish I had one.  So it may be because I am slightly stoned or perhaps because I am really really immature, but most of these made me laugh a lot today.  And the bird one–TRUTH!  Those fuckers are scary.

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  1. mrsmartinez

    hello there… these are extremely funny pics most specially the donkey and yeah the bird! xoxo

  2. Robyn - CCD

    Well either I am delirious from lack of uninterrupted sleep ( it’s the baby’s fault) or I am just really immature also but these made me laugh a lot too.

    Love the new look btw – but you’re no longer creepily gathering content?

  3. Leonard

    Police medic for the win 🙂 love em all

  4. vange

    @Robyn: Acadia and I decided to be classy now. We’ve been creepy long enough!

  5. ChuckWow

    Is that Chelsea Clinton’s ass Obama is staring at ??

  6. Shyna

    My God!
    these are awesome!!


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