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I think we can all use some cute animals

I think we can all use some cute animals

You know what I think we need right now? Some cute animals. I know I do. I was sick today and I’m angry AF about it. But cute animal pictures and gifs and videos soothe my angry soul. So here you go, let me share some of my favorites. You’re welcome.

Teddy Bear the porcupine

(this definitely requires the sound, it’s VERY IMPORTANT)

Goat Babies in Pajamas

Bath Time for Baby Sloths

Kristen Bell Freaking out About a Sloth

Ok this isn’t a sloth but it’s still so great

Big Cats Playing with Boxes

Cats are so weird!

The World’s Smallest Cat

The Dog Talking About Bacon Video

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  1. Deeny

    The noises that nutty porcupine makes bring me so much joy. It’s pretty much how I sound when eating corn on the cob.


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