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I went to New York Comic Con yesterday and it was a great time.  But it did make me realize that I don’t seem to be getting better at taking pictures.  Maybe it’s because I always think I am bothering people so I try to take them super fast.  Maybe it’s because I am afraid someone will ask why I’m in the ladies room.  Regardless, some of the pics I took are not the best quality.  But that is NOT how I choked.

I choked because of Felicia Day.

How?  Well, because I got my pic taken with her and instead of doing what I should have done, I kept worrying about doing hover hand.  I didn’t want to be the hover hand guy.  I wanted to be cooler than that.  I was going to get a serious handful of Felicia Day (without like….groping her) no matter what!  So I stood in line and it went crazy fast.  Each pic took 10 seconds, tops.  But she would like, try to strangle you or whatever if you asked – she is pretty cool.  And she has a variety of stock faces so she can’t be accused of Summer Glau’ing it.


So what did the founder of the only site that has a whole section devoted to celebrity tongues ask Felicia to do?  Nothing.  I just kept saying:  “No hover hand, no hover hand, no hover hand” out loud!  She genuinely laughed (I am super funny, you know!) but then it was over and I was shambling off wondering how I could have screwed up so badly?

Why didn’t I ask her to stick out her tongue?  You know, do the whole, Metal Devil Horns with your tongue sticking out thing?  I am an idiot.  So now I need another chance.  She is on Google Plus and Twitter so I am sure that if you all point out my mistake to her she will do something about it.  I mean, she must go to a lot of conventions, right?  All I need is spend another 40 clams to get another picture.  Oh, and a ticket to whatever show it is.  And airfare.  And a hotel.  Damn, I better do a kickstarter or more of you need to donate.  I have to follow her around like she was the Grateful Dead and I was a dirty barefoot hippy.

So check out my pics below, and my awesome NON HOVER HAND Felicia Day pic at the very bottom.  And help me make this right.  Oh, and I guess if any of you get your pic taken with a celeb, you do it, too and send the pic to me.  You can crop yourself out of it if you want.  Or don’t. Either way, I can’t pay you for it.  See you next year when the Gallery arrives in FORCE.  Seriously, we are gonna try to make it a thing.


And now…. Non Hover Hand Felicia Day and me!  Click to Enlarge.