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I Went to New York Comic Con and Choked

I Went to New York Comic Con and Choked
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I went to New York Comic Con yesterday and it was a great time.  But it did make me realize that I don’t seem to be getting better at taking pictures.  Maybe it’s because I always think I am bothering people so I try to take them super fast.  Maybe it’s because I am afraid someone will ask why I’m in the ladies room.  Regardless, some of the pics I took are not the best quality.  But that is NOT how I choked.

I choked because of Felicia Day.

How?  Well, because I got my pic taken with her and instead of doing what I should have done, I kept worrying about doing hover hand.  I didn’t want to be the hover hand guy.  I wanted to be cooler than that.  I was going to get a serious handful of Felicia Day (without like….groping her) no matter what!  So I stood in line and it went crazy fast.  Each pic took 10 seconds, tops.  But she would like, try to strangle you or whatever if you asked – she is pretty cool.  And she has a variety of stock faces so she can’t be accused of Summer Glau’ing it.


So what did the founder of the only site that has a whole section devoted to celebrity tongues ask Felicia to do?  Nothing.  I just kept saying:  “No hover hand, no hover hand, no hover hand” out loud!  She genuinely laughed (I am super funny, you know!) but then it was over and I was shambling off wondering how I could have screwed up so badly?

Why didn’t I ask her to stick out her tongue?  You know, do the whole, Metal Devil Horns with your tongue sticking out thing?  I am an idiot.  So now I need another chance.  She is on Google Plus and Twitter so I am sure that if you all point out my mistake to her she will do something about it.  I mean, she must go to a lot of conventions, right?  All I need is spend another 40 clams to get another picture.  Oh, and a ticket to whatever show it is.  And airfare.  And a hotel.  Damn, I better do a kickstarter or more of you need to donate.  I have to follow her around like she was the Grateful Dead and I was a dirty barefoot hippy.

So check out my pics below, and my awesome NON HOVER HAND Felicia Day pic at the very bottom.  And help me make this right.  Oh, and I guess if any of you get your pic taken with a celeb, you do it, too and send the pic to me.  You can crop yourself out of it if you want.  Or don’t. Either way, I can’t pay you for it.  See you next year when the Gallery arrives in FORCE.  Seriously, we are gonna try to make it a thing.


And now…. Non Hover Hand Felicia Day and me!  Click to Enlarge.


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  1. Amander

    YAAAAY! Non-hover hand, but srsly…not a tongue-out devil-horns?
    Maybe we can bombard her on the Googs and get her to play along?

  2. stacyfrazer

    Pathetic choke, but nice pic

    • Acadia Einstein

      If you were my dad I would be way more messed up than I already am. I JUST WANT TO PLEASE YOU!

  3. Roger Sherman

    I am COMMENTING!!!

  4. AaronMartinelli

    I want a hoover hand that alternately vacuums carpets and runs the FBI.

      • Acadia Einstein

        Who knew she was sitting around imagining me. *struts*

  5. Chikuba Kyojin-Shu

    Felicia Day is my hero. Even under the mask Acadia looks demented. I would have run away if I saw that coming. (You know if I was gorgeous smart and funny) What do you think that one guy whispered to Summer Glau?

    • Acadia Einstein

      He whispered: “Your thyroid looks like a butterfly”

      • Cider

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  6. Eva Halloween

    The picture of the melting progressive horse head looks like the kind of trip that makes people swear off drugs forever.

  7. Cider

    This thread got pretty amazing.

  8. Ellen Lion

    Catwoman is there? It’s gotta be cool. ?


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