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I Will Watch This

This is Joan before she became a surgical caricature of herself.

This is Joan before she became a surgical caricature of herself.

I will watch this and then hate myself.

Mark Burnett, pioneer of reality television, and Joan Rivers, pioneer of foul-mouthed insult comedy, have joined forces for a show. It’s called “How’d You Get So Rich?,” but a better title would be “How’d She Go So Soft?”

Then the article tells me that it is on TV Land. Uh, excuse me, is TV Land not about Wings and Cheers reruns?

Then the article tells me it is basically Joan Rivers interviewing rich people about how they got rich. Note that she will be interviewing them. Not verbally assaulting them while her daughter throws a hissy fit. Okay, so, maybe I will not watch this show after all. Really, Mark Burnett? You’re going to swing and miss this badly?

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  1. Fred Smithson

    I actually used to kind of like Joan Rivers. Then I watched her on “Celebrity Apprentice 2” — don’t ask me why I did that. I dunno. But I did, and she was the most horrible bitch imaginable. Of course she won because her good friend the Donald needed her not to quit the show (as she threatened to to every time her pathetic daughter was in danger of getting bounced) otherwise his ratings would’ve tanked. Soon after her wretched display there she started bad-mouthing Johnny Carson all over the place. Well, I guess what all that gets you is… your own show. Yeah it’ll suck but she got it.


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