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I rock sweater vests, all the time. This is like my new anthem. I love them so much that I intend for my groomsmen to wear them instead of tux’s.

This is a truly fantastic and hilarious, if not a little insensitive, fund raising attempt.

Dicking around hulu today I found this video of Shatner which I saw the other day, but forgot to tell Acadia about. Notice Conan just climbing that desk like a stair.

Editor’s note – Ian did not put the link for the video in his post.  I don’t know how to find things on Hulu…

Ian’s note in response to Editor’s note: It’s pretty easy to find you ninny

Personally, I like vegan food but this is great

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  1. Joelle

    Lol @ the second link.

    “the damage estimated was valued in tens of dollar”
    “at least one casserole was ruined”

    and I love passive aggressive notes. I left one just this week to a loud neighbor.

  2. Ian

    I am pretty much just aggressive.

  3. allie

    i leave aggressive aggressive notes.
    then i punch.

  4. Maitland

    That sweatervest song is fantastic. Also, I think they sampled the Fletch theme, which is awesome.

  5. Acadia

    Can we make the roanoke thing our official charity?


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