I'll show those truckers what I can do. This shirt says: treat me as an equal!

Maya Sieber Ice Road Trucker

Never let it be said that if something is mildly successful that it won’t be copied over and over again.  Given the success of introducing their first female character, Lisa Kelly, the History Channel decided to find the prettiest truck driver they could find.  It must have taken a long time.  I bet it would have been easier to find a halfway decent looking girl and teach her to drive a truck.  Why?  Because good looking people don’t have to take shitty jobs unless they are teenagers or in witness protection.

Don’t believe me?  Well, when is the last time you said: “Look how hot that janitor is!” or “put down that bag of Whoppers, take off that headset and kiss me!”?  Never?  Exactly.  May Sieber seems to have all of her teeth and the fact that she has been driving a truck for three whole years means one of two things.  1:  She will die pretty quickly.  2: It’s not all that hard to drive on the ice roads.  Given the fact that I have been watching the show for a long time and I haven’t seen anyone die or even get hurt makes me think this is a scam.

That will work out well for Maya Sieber.  I’m sure that she’ll have a great time hauling loads all over the Great White North.  And just to make sure we talk about equality for a minute: this whole thing is stupid.  Girls should not do that job.  Just like men should not be nurses, women should not drive truck.  I know this because I would be a great truck driver which means it is a gross job.  So stay tuned to this space for updates on how Maya is doing.  Hopefully there won’t be an accident or a gang bang or an accidental gang bang.  I hope it is just: she drove to this place and gave the people there some chips.  Or a pipe.  Or a pool table.  I don’t know what they need.  Watch the video after the jump and shut up.