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If Aliens Arrived on Earth

Take me to your leader.

Take me to your leader.

And if they did not do so in a grand entrance, dramatic fashion, would you be disappointed?

I got to thinking about this when Newsweek this week noted that alien arrivals in movies “always seem to favor the grand entrance.” And my reaction was God damn right they do. I mean, would Independence Day have been as good a movie if the aliens kind of showed up in Peoria, Illinois trying to find employment? I doubt it. But, come in guns blazing and a good time is had by all.

Sure, the grand entrance leads to more folks dying, but wouldn’t you feel cheated if one day aliens showed up and they did not do so bringing the noise we are so accustomed to seeing them bring?

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  1. Tina T

    Guns blazing is definitely the way to go. It would definitely lose something if they showed up in Peoria,looking for work, but I’m pretty sure that there are a few that are here incognito and working at the DMV.

  2. Christa Bledsoe

    I don’t know what I’d do if aliens came. Its so exciting and so scary at the same time. I just don’t want them experimenting on me 🙁

  3. plin

    Guns blazing always seem like they are hostile. If one day aliens really arrive on earth, I hope they are more friendlier than what the movies have portrayed.

  4. Bring Back Pluto

    Aren’t they already here?



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