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If You’re Going to Quit Your Job, You Might as Well Do It Like This

Here we have a video of a dude quitting his job.  It’s nothing as dull as him just walking up to his boss and saying “I quit”, though.  He doesn’t just quit, he has the marching band he brought with him play him out of the building.


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  1. Penny

    totally cool.

  2. Frank

    now thats the way to go.

  3. sangfroid

    Band Geeks gone bad! You’ve got to admit the manager was a jerk in the two seconds we got to see him.

  4. James Melzer

    Wow, that was totally lame. Hand your manager a note and tell him you quit, then have a marching band play you out the ten paces it takes you to get to the door in front of no one but said manager. Yeah, way to make an impact dude!


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