Photo from Instagram's HotDudesReading account

Listen kids, I took a sick day today, yesterday was hectic and ridiculous so I didn’t post then when I was supposed to. So today I’m just going to do a real softball post. And you’ll love it, because that’s just the way it is.

I’m going to help you be cool by telling you about some of-the-moment things going on online right now.

First, for all you weirdos obsessed with Christopher Meloni, there is a meme that has exploded on Tumblr of him in ridiculous poses and gifs with the tagline “these are their stories“. You’re welcome.

Next, if any of you ever feel like telling someone to eat a D, you can now send edible d***s to people. So there’s that.

Tomorrow is #thighhighthursday on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Basically, online. You’re welcome.

I’m loving Tumblr more and more lately, and there is this incredibly great snarky account you should follow. Cramsey might have actually first introduced me to this in a post of hers on some social media site or the other I think.

OMG do you know about HotDudesReading on Instagram? First of all, hot dudes. Secondly, they are reading, which means they aren’t dumb as a rock. But the captions are truly what makes these posts, so you need to follow that account, stat. Like if you don’t have an Instagram account you should sign up just to follow this. It’s priceless.