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I’m Great at Costumes

I’m Great at Costumes

Hey kids, Halloween is a big deal around these parts and I’m here to tell you that I have a fantastic costume planned for this year, but all my costumes are great. Here are some examples over the years so you can be primed for my costume excellence – with which I will dazzle you next Tuesday.

(Photos edited so I don’t post other people’s photos without their permission.)

For a while a coworker and I had a theme going of dressing from a particular decade. We kept it going for a number of years:




1970s (oh my god ignore the cellphone on my hip – it was for work!)


Those costumes were all pretty great but I think the 50s and 80s are my faves. I went several years then without bothering to dress up, but last year I revived my wearing-a-costume-to-work tradition with Tina Belcher.

Tina Belcher

Do you dress up for Halloween? What will you wear this year? Or, what will your kiddos wear? Share in the comments! And don’t forget to come back on Halloween when you can see my 2017 costume which will be epic!

Edited to add – this was my costume this year!:

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  1. Bigscrod wants cake

    The funny part is that you could go to work pretty much any day of the year in those and no one would say anything on the subway. Well, maybe your 70’s self would be asked where someone could score some weed.

    • cider

      That’s true. I think the 50’s skirt might also get some questions. Also that 70s vest is an authentic from my mom that she wore in the 70s! Cool, right?

    • cider



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