If you are not familiar with the image sharing site Imgur you should give it a look.  It grew out of the people on Reddit needing a place to host their images.  Now it has grown into people posting things and seeing how popular they get.  And some of the stuff is really good.  More on that later.

But there are plenty of people who don’t go to Reddit at all and just stay on Imgur.  That’s what I do.  I sort of think people on Reddit are too smug and I know if I started in farting around on there I would probably never come back so I just browse Imgur.

So why am I telling you any of this?  Well, because some of the things on Imgur are pretty frigging good.  There are a million memes and inside jokes but some people use it to make posts that would be great no matter where they were published.  Which brings me to the one sticky part of this.  Ownership.

See, it seems like people really find it important to show that their place is cooler than everyone else’s because they saw something there before they saw it anywhere else.  That’s why I don’t like Reddit.  They are always yapping about things like they invented the Internet.  I sort of think that 4Chan invented it but I hate going there because I am a pussy and am afraid of gore and I never want them to notice me and come and do stuff to my e-butthole.

I know Reddit has some fun things.  And I know that other sites steal the stuff that Reddit does and makes it stories.  Like, they just find a thread on Reddit and post some of the excerpts and boom:  clicks!  And if you are on Imgur for longer than five minutes you will see someone complaining that something is a repost and then everyone will upvote a bunch of screen shots from tumblr posts.  Honestly.  Screen shots.  I don’t understand it.  But I do know that when someone puts a lot of work into something and I think you will like it I will do a post on it and embed their gallery.  You can go upvote them or comment here or something.  If Buzzfeed can do it so can we.  And at least I’m not downloading all the pics and reposting them with a watermark *coughTheChivecough*.

So after the jump, take a look at some cool pics that were either created, “curated” or stolen by HeathenAmerico from Imgur.  They rule!