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Imgur made me LOL

Imgur made me LOL

Not much more to it.  I am going to try to get the person who wrote these captions to come write for us so he or she can spread their funniness to more people.  But you guys stay away from there.  I don’t need you blowing up my spot and queering the deal.  Just stay here and take what I give you!  I will talk to AkaTobi on my own.  Unless I find out that one of you happens to be the sex that he or she prefers in which case I will pimp you out in a heartbeat.  *gives crazy eye*

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  1. Eva Halloween

    Whatever they are selling in the “pudding in the toilet” gif is now officially the new grossest infomercial in history.

  2. Cider

    OK this seriously made me LOL too. “Just stop trying.”

  3. Capn Tightpants

    This is amazing, I agree.

    Is there a vajazzling infomercial? They missed that whole genre of bizarre.


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